Seven hacks in 48 hours!

Best Innovation

“Kodazur” – an inclined bike path to seperate bikers from pedestrians.

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Most likely to happen

BikeBrusselsBetter! Upgrading the current wayfinding system for bikers in Brussels, inspired by a metro map.


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People’s Choice Award

FlipShare: Share car parking spaces with secure bike parking need. Barriers up = bike park, barriers down = car park. First come, first served.

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Best Digital Solution

BikeSphere: a community-based bikelight A programmable bikelight that creates visibility and connects bikers to help eachother out when a problem occurs.

11230718_1592932120980715_6102594053363329564_n 11403025_1592932324314028_8708662768981889630_n10369102_1592932167647377_2487069250524400342_n


“May ’68”
A sculpture to express an electrical biker’s frustration about the speed limit



Design Acceleration Device
Recuperating the energy used to break at red lights to start again when the light turns green. Based on the principle of a wound up spring.


Intelligent Bikelock System:
A combination of a bikelock & car-alarm that alerts when movement is detected.


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