Speakers Announced


We’ve gathered a cool group of people to speak at the opening on Friday to inspire you.

  • Marie Verkaeren, head of project, CycloParking
  • Céline Vanderborght, Smart City Manager, CIRB.brussels
  • Olivier Gilson, Research & Development Director, MAD Brussels.

It’s a bit of everything for you – from the innovation and ideas of Brussels Smart City, to the design aspect with Mode and Design (MAD) Brussels and the real barriers and solutions faced by CycloParking. Come learn and share with our speakers and others.

Doors open at 19h00, presentations start at 19h30 (and the bar is open the whole time).

De deuren gaan open om 19u00, de presentaties starten om 19u30 (en de bar is de hele tijd open). 

Les portes s’ouvrent à 19h00, les présentations commence à 19h30 (et le bar sera ouvert tout le temps)

What is a cyclehack? A cyclehack is a concrete solution that solves a barrier to cycling. It is an idea that is created and tested in 48 hours to make your city more bike friendly. Whether you are an occasional cyclist, a daily commuter, a driver, a pedestrian – anyone can participate. The whole weekend is about crowdsourcing ideas and energy to overcome the obstacles we face everyday. Check out the past editions to see what we created over the course of the weekend, resulting in a variety of interesting projects.

Groups will form around barriers and a few drinks to help the ideas flow on Friday. Saturday, the groups begin their hacking. We have two places set up at our disposal for that: Cyclo Buro and FabLab.iMAL. Whether you need a computer, a 3D printer, a hammer, or just some creative energy, all-day Saturday will revolve around working in your group on a cyclehack. By Sunday afternoon, we present our ideas to each other, prizes are awarded and we celebrate a great weekend and the future of cycling in Belgium!

Sounds like right up your alley?
Join us! Tickets are by donation (minimum 1EUR).

Not sure you can be there all weekend?
No problem! You’re welcome to come for an hour or two – no need to dedicate a whole weekend!
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Got questions? Email us! cyclehack.brussels@gmail.com

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